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Find more, profitable products to sell immediately with Storefront Stalker PRO
Storefront Stalker PRO will change how you find products to sell on Amazon
Storefront Stalker PRO is a Google Chrome extension that works in tangent with the popular online arbitrage software Tactical Arbitrage and allows you to...
  • Export up to 400 pages of Amazon Products into Functional CSV Files. These files can then be imported into Tactical Arbitrage's "Reverse Search" feature which will identify sources (that match your parameters for ROI, sales rank and more) from over 500 possible 3rd party sites. 
  • Spy on Your Competitors. Storefront Stalker PRO allows you to export up to 100 pages of ASINs from your competitor's storefronts. This data can then be used to help you find where to buy these same items at prices that make you money!
This tool has helped thousands of Amazon sellers find more products. 
4,500+ Users Can't All Be Wrong!
Here Is What Users Are Saying!

Alex Moss, Creator of

Smooth as silk. In my opinion there is no better, cleaner or faster solution for targeted Amazon ASIN collection that exists in the market today.

Jason Wyatt,

"When I purchased Storefront Stalker PRO, I feared I was wasting my money. I was an early adopter and purchased as soon as it came out.  As it turned out, it was awesome and well worth the money. The software keeps improving. Now I love the integration with Tactical Arbitrage. It's like having a Game Genie for Amazon FBA

Tyler Nelson, Fulltime Amazon Seller

Storefront Stalker PRO allows me to quickly shred through my competition and find profitable items...If you don't get it, we can't be friends anymore. 

Christopher Grant,

"My favorite feature is the ability to search for niches in the Amazon catalog and grab all those ASINs is incredibly powerful. It's like the Chuck Norris of OA extensions. If you want an extension that will allow you to download thousands of potential products and open up incredibly powerful features inside of Tactical Arbitrage this is the first program you HAVE to buy. It's like cocaine for online arbitrageurs.

Abe Hanoa Ortolani, Fulltime Amazon Seller

Reverse engineering at its finest!! I absolutely LOVE this tool and use it everyday! I do most of my sourcing through analyzing search terms on Amazon. SS PRO Allows me to quickly scan every Amazon page under a specific keyword, which I then run through my scraping software to quickly find the profitable items.
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P.S: Storefront Stalker Pro is non-refundable after installed. Please do not purchase unless you are sure you are ready to utilize it. 
P.P.S: Storefront Stalker PRO works best when combined with Tactical Arbitrage. If you are not yet a Tactical Arbitrage user, click here to learn more
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